Helping A Parent Prepare For A Move To A Senior Living Apartment

Posted on: 21 March 2018

Whether it's become too much work for your parent to tend to a large home or there's a need for some extra care throughout the day, a senior living apartment can be a great option for your loved one. He or she can still maintain a sense of independence while having a large support network available. Planning for this move can be complicated, and it can also be difficult on everyone emotionally. Here are some things you can do to help prepare for the move.

Hire A Full-Service Moving Company

If you don't have the time to commit to packing everything up, a full-service moving company can be the perfect option. Look for a company with experience helping senior citizens, and work with the movers to develop a game plan for how to approach the packing process. The process may take longer than usual, particularly if your parent is having difficulty deciding what to do with personal items.The moving company can also handle the unpacking process at the new apartment, which can make it easier for your parent to get settled in right away. You may also want to partner with another family member to help your parent decide which items should be packed for storage and which items will go to the apartment. This person can also help make decisions about any items that should be donated or thrown away during the packing process.

Rent A Storage Unit

One difficulty with moving to a senior living community is the idea of not being able to keep all of the belongings that have been in the family home for decades. You can help relieve some of this anxiety by renting a storage unit, which can be used to warehouse items that don't fit in the apartment. Throughout the year, you can swap out items from the storage unit, such as Christmas decorations, to bring a bit of the old home into the apartment. Be sure to make arrangements with the movers to ensure that items arrive at their chosen destination. After all, you don't want a favorite recliner meant for the apartment to wind up in storage.

Set Up A Home Computer

If your parent is concerned about not getting to visit with children and grandchildren after moving, make setting up a home computer in the new apartment part of the moving plan. Your full-service moving company can help with the initial setup, and you can walk your parent through how to use video calling programs, which can be used to have virtual visits with family members. You might want to keep a notebook next to the computer with passwords and a list of instructions for how to use the video calling programs as well as any social media pages your parent might want to use to connect with family.

It's important to make sure your loved one's feelings are taken into consideration throughout the moving preparations and the actual moving day. Take your time and try to avoid making your loved one feel like he or she is being rushed. Let the movers know if there are any special considerations, such as dementia or mobility problems, that should be taken into account when packing, unpacking, and moving your loved one's items.

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